Brandon Triche makes friends at camp

Most of us can relate to this: You go off for a summer sports camp. You don't know anyone there. Your friends from home are still at home. You don't want to say anything too loud or revealing, because what if one dumb statement turns your fellow campers against you? What if you become the brunt of all the jokes?

I'm not sure that's exactly what Syracuse guard Brandon Triche is talking about here, but it feels like a distant cousin. Triche told the Syracuse Post-Standard that he greatly enjoyed his time at Chris Paul's CP3 point guard camp this week not only because he learned new ways to improve his game, but because he felt comfortable socializing with fellow campers and, yes, making new friends. Awww!

Triche, who will enter his junior year at SU in the fall, described the experience as "great." It was his second straight year at the camp. This time, though, Triche said he felt comfortable enough to socialize with his fellow campers.

"The first year, I was more shy, more quiet, more in my shell," Triche said Tuesday. "This year I was able to go there, meet guys, hang out with guys and then compete against them."

I say this full of the knowledge that Triche is a college athlete, and as such could not only destroy me in basketball but could squash me like a bug if he so desired ... but, sorry, that's just downright adorable. If pen pals were still a thing, I would totally encourage Triche to seek out a pen pal.

Ah, Division I college basketball players. They grow up so fast, you know?