West Virginia fans now throwing things

Really, West Virginia?

Mountaineer fans have been criticized for their swearing, for their disrespectful chants, and during Wednesday's win against rival Pitt, they threw things onto the court.

According to the Charleston Daily Mail:

With 12:40 remaining, [Darryl] Bryant collided with Pitt's Ashton Gibbs near halfcourt and was called for traveling by Michael Stephens in front of the student section. The students responded with their juvenile chant aimed at Stephens and then followed that with juvenile behavior and threw T-shirts, plastic bottles and other debris onto the court.

"It's annoying," [Da'Sean] Butler said. "It really is, honestly. It shows people watching the game from home or from out of state that we have no class. It gives our team and our state a bad name in general and that's not what we're about as a team and I know that's not what we're about as a state. Why even do that stuff?

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins grabbed a microphone and told fans to cut it out and point out the culprits, adding, "That is stupid."

Still the stupidity continued later in the game, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Pitt assistant coach Tom Herrion was struck in the face below his left eye by what those on the Pitt bench said was a quarter. The officials had no choice but to call a technical on West Virginia this time. Initially, Dixon refused to comment about the fan behavior. Later, he said, "[Herrion] is all right. We're not going to make a big deal about it. I don't want one person's actions to reflect on an entire university."

A quarter? Hang onto your spare change and please just stop.