Delvon Roe just keeps injuring things

Delvon Roe's injury history is more important to his career than any player's injury history should ever be. Now he's injured again.

Per the Grand Rapids Press, Roe suffered a severe left ankle sprain in an open-gym workout in East Lansing Wednesday. He'll miss about six weeks of workouts, weight lifting and court time with his teammates, another setback for a Michigan State team that missed out on much of that offseason team building prior to 2011's massively disappointing season.

The only good news here, of course, is that this injury is a) merely an ankle sprain, albeit of the "severe" type, and b) has nothing to do with Roe's oft-injured knees.

In high school, Roe built his highly touted reputation as a recruit through his mix of polished post touch and impressive athleticism in a lanky, 6-foot-8 frame. Since arriving at Michigan State, however, the forward has been besieged by knee injuries at nearly every turn. He had surgeries on both knees before playing his first college game. In the summer of 2009, he suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee, an injury he hid from Michigan State's athletic staff, playing an entire season with the hampered knee that culminated in an appearance in the 2010 Final Four. Roe spent much of last summer trying to recover from that injury, and when he nearly hurt himself again in February, Michigan State players and coaches were worried his career might be over.

That wasn't the case, and this ankle sprain won't end anything, either. But Roe has never been able to regain the athleticism and explosion that made him such a talented and touted recruit three years ago.

Now, in advance of his senior season, Roe is facing yet another recovery process. It's just been one inexplicably tough break after another.