Trent Johnson hilariously tries bowling

The dog days of summer are no fun for the college basketball fan looking to pass the time, and for a coach looking to fill the void with intense competition, it can apparently drive you a little stir-crazy.

So LSU's Trent Johnson took up bowling. According to WVLA-TV, the veteran coach recently put on brightly colored shoes and threw a bowling ball for the first time with mixed results.

Johnson wanted to challenge Kent Lowe, the team's sports information director and resident bowling enthusiast, and the two faced off at Circle Bowl Action Alley. The sign outside where the showdown took place read, "Trent vs. Kent tonight," and fans gathered inside to take in the action. Johnson responded by ending up on the floor after rolling a gutter ball and wildly celebrating picking up a spare.

Johnson lost to Lowe, but is happy with the way the offseason has gone overall. The Tigers got an early start with their tour of Italy in May and went undefeated on the trip while trying out some things in a motion offense.

"They were obviously a little tired and a little fatigued, but I know they have all said they enjoyed the experience and the trip," Johnson told reporters. "That's what winning does for you. It was a great experience, but more than a great experience it was productive for our basketball team and our basketball program moving forward."

After returning home, Johnson was relaxed enough to start training for the bowling event. He had his staff rolling as he used basketballs and bottles of iced tea to practice in the hallways at the office, getting all fired up over the strikes.

LSU is smiling right now, and it's only June.