Chris Mooney needs bigger headphones

Yesterday, I warned you of an impending sports radio invasion. Richmond coach Chris Mooney signed on to do a live, three-hour radio show as one of the hosts of Richmond ESPN 950's "Hardly Working." This was kind of exciting, at least for college hoops and/or sports radio fans, because it would be interesting to see how Mooney, one of the game's smartest young coaches, handled the rigors of the drive-time sports talk radio. I also thought he needed a goofy nickname, and then I learned he already had one.

So, how did the radio show go? You can see some snippets in video below, which Richmond's athletic department posted on YouTube today. Mooney opines on everything from the NBA draft to his role at Richmond to his dislike of the designated hitter:

Two things stuck out at me. One, Mooney was even reading news updates; that's how you know this wasn't some pampered quasi-coaches show. Real deal stuff, there. You have to earn your way up the ladder somehow.

Two, Mooney's headphones crack me up. I don't know if I've ever seen a pair of studio headphones that small. I'm pretty sure those are the old-school Discman headphones I used to rock Coolio so my parents couldn't hear the foul language. Come on, ESPN 950. Can we get the man some Beats by Dre?

Anyway, cool stuff all around. If this whole college hoops thing doesn't work out, Chris can always fall back on this extensive broadcasting experience, tiny headphones or no.

Oh, and in case you're just in love with this whole coaches-guest-hosting-radio-shows thing, Memphis coach Josh Pastner will apparently take over for CBS writer and Memphis ESPN radio host Gary Parrish Thursday afternoon from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. If Pastner's even half as enthusiastic and engaging as in most of his press conferences, that should be worthwhile listening.