Providence asks for draft-based donations

Marshon Brooks had a fine career at Providence, finishing up as a senior as the nation's second-leading scorer. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard on Thursday will have an opportunity to be drafted early, with many penciling him in as a late first-round pick.

Because of a unique call of donations, Providence is banking on fans to follow the action as well to see where in the draft Brooks ends up going. The school is asking that fans to make donations to the athletic department fund based on where they think Brooks will be drafted for the chance to win prizes.

From the school:

Experts are speculating on when Marshon will be drafted and now Friar Fans have the chance to make a prediction and win exclusive tickets! To be entered to win, go to friars.com and make a donation to the Friars Forever Athletic Fund for the amount that corresponds to when you think Marshon will be drafted. For example, if you think Marshon will be the 10th pick in the draft, simply make a $10 donation.

Every person whose donation correctly matches when Marson Brooks gets drafted will win two VIP luxury box tickets to a Providence College men’s basketball game. All winners will be entered into a drawing to win two tickets to a Boston Celtics game.

Tying Brooks' draft status to fundraising is definitely different. It's not only a way to celebrate his achievement, but also gives the school a chance to attract boosters to open up their wallets in support of the athletic department for a layer who has already completed his eligibility.

Oddly enough, the school would actually make a little more money if more fans looking to win the prize packages believed Brooks would be drafted later rather than earlier. Their predictions and donations can be made up until the start of the draft.

If you're a Friars fan, Brooks could indirectly help you score big. Either way, the school benefits.