What will the NBA draft picks be wearing?

The NBA draft has become known as an event where players make fashion statements, stepping onto the runway while meeting commissioner David Stern. Being the best dressed or worst dressed Thursday night has no bearing on the court, but can create a certain amount of buzz.

It's clear that fashion is on the mind of many of this year's draft picks. Here's a preview and a compilation of some hints on what some of the top picks might be wearing tonight.

Arizona's Derrick Williams to Esquire: "Didn't want too baggy or too flashy, but didn't want a slim European suit, either. I stuck to my style -- classy -- and picked my favorite colors: black, red, and grey... I can't say what I'm wearing. Giving away your look before the event is like giving away your game plan."

Connecticut's Kemba Walker, from the New York Post: Asked whether it [his suit] might be something outrageous, Walker looked across the table at TNT's Craig Sager, the King of Outrageous alongside Clyde Frazier, smiled and said; "It's nothing like my man right here!"

Kansas' Markieff Morris, from the Lawrence Journal-World: After posing for the folks at NBA 2K12, Markieff stopped in the Sean John store to pick out a suit...

Providence's Marshon Brooks, from the Providence Journal: The suit, a classic light grey with a touch of lavender, is pressed and ready to go.

Tennessee's Tobias Harris to the Chattanooga Times Free Press: " I've heard it [fashion] is a big, but they call me 'All-Business' for a reason, so you know I'm going to pull out the nicest suit."

Texas' Tristan Thompson to the Canadian Press: "Let's just say that my colours will go with any team in this draft."

And finally, BYU's Jimmer Fredette: