Rain damage ruins Mackey Arena floor

Keady Court is dead. Long live Keady Court.

Yes, the floor at Purdue's Mackey Arena is going into a slightly early retirement this summer. The school had planned to update and renovate the floor in coming years, but the protracted rainstorms we've been having up here in the midwest were apparently too much for the older building to handle in the midst of some unrelated construction. The leakage warped the hardwood, and now, a new floor is required. From WLFI in West Lafeyette, Ind.:

"A lot of things are going on at Mackey, and a new floor was going to be part of it. We planned to wait a year, because the new tunnel was going to be a part of it, but that's a minor obstacle we'll have to overcome. Again timing is everything. The Big Ten has a new logo, so we'll be able to incorporate the new logo a year earlier than we would have been able to," said Schott.

Schott's right: The timing could be a lot worse. There's time to add that spiffy new B1G logo, for one. More importantly, the court renovations will be covered by insurance, and they'll be ready by the time Purdue hoops takes the floor for its first practice of the season in October. In other words, you get a pass this time, rain. No harm, no foul. Keady Court lives on.

(Hat tip: Matt Norlander)