Jared Sullinger still looking to lose weight

Jared Sullinger certainly didn't come back for his sophomore season at Ohio State to get complacent. As the national player of the year candidate told Andy Katz last month, he's looking to lose some weight and work on a face-up game while still serving as a premier inside presence.

That Sullinger was most recently at the LeBron James Skills Academy listed at 281 pounds -- one pound more than his weight on the team's roster from last season -- doesn't tell the entire story, according to reporters who saw him there appearing a lot slimmer.

Sullinger told The Plain Dealer that while he still has a ways to go to get where he wants to be, at least right now the weight has been redistributed to the point that the jeans he wears look a little baggier on him.

He has a waist now, and appears to have lost so much weight one has to wonder if the loss of his formally wide axis on the block will now make him a less lethal post player. The Buckeyes sophomore was listed at 6-10, 281 pounds, but he looked possibly 30 pounds lighter than that, and moved like it, too.

Yet Sullinger said the moves were real, but the weight loss was only a mirage.

"I weigh 275," he said. "I've lost 10 to 15 pounds since the end of the season. I want to get down to 255-260 and stay there."

Sullinger, an All-American and double-double machine as a freshman, is the difference-maker for Ohio State and definitely has his sights set on improving in a variety of ways in preparation for a run at the national championship and a future in the NBA.

The weight is one thing, and adding to his already advanced game is also a priority this offseason, according to The Morning Journal.

He said he's been boxing, running stadium stairs and hitting the weights. He said he has seven more weeks of conditioning.

"I'm able to move better," Sullinger said. "I'm working on my face-up game and my handle. You'll see more of that."