Golden State Warriors going back to school

Ekpe Udoh is not unlike the average college student, as the former Baylor star who returned to the classroom after a long layoff recently had this to tweet:

I hate when the teacher calls on me and I'm zoned out. Get it together ekpe geeesh

What makes the 6-foot-10 Udoh's presence on campus unique is that he is an NBA player, one of many who are looking to go back to school to work toward their degrees during the lockout.

Udoh, who led Baylor to an Elite Eight appearance in 2010, isn't even the only former NCAA tournament hero-turned first-round draft pick on his own Golden State Warriors team to look toward using the free time to attend classes.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Stephen Curry is making plans to re-enroll at Davidson, where he was the all-time leading scorer and led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight in 2008.

Curry needs five classes to complete his undergraduate studies in sociology. If the lockout goes past the start of training camp, he'll enroll in four of those classes -- leaving only his thesis paper to complete the degree.

Curry is still trying to figure out if he'll be allowed to attend practices and advise his old college squad. He already knows the attention on him at the small North Carolina campus will be intense.

An education is an important thing in Udoh's family, so getting his degree is something he wants to achieve. According to Baylor's website, while working out in Waco, he is also on pace to graduate at the end of the summer and dealing with the transition as a student as best he can.

"It's been terrible," said Udoh, who's back in the classroom to finish up his last 14 hours for his undergraduate degree at Baylor. "I've been trying to get back adjusted to waking up at 7 o'clock, trying to get breakfast and then going to class. There's just a lot of information. Anatomy is the toughest class I have. At first, I was kind of scared of it. But now I'm starting to embrace it. It's kind of fun."