Roy Williams is leery of Duke fans

North Carolina coach Roy Williams visited Marion, N.C., on Monday to be honored with a marker that notes that he was born nearby and went on to become a Hall of Fame coach. Plenty of Tar Heels fans showed up to the ceremony and stopped him for photos afterward.

On this day, Williams also had Duke on his mind while rallying the crowd, according to WLOS-TV News.

"I don't mind having it up -- especially if it ticks off some Duke fans or something," Williams joked of the marker as his fans cheered.

"If you ever come in one morning and there's tomatoes and things like that on it, just go arrest the dadgum Duke people in town."

Williams later told the TV station: "I'm old school. I always think that you should remember where you came from and the people who are important to you before. These people will always be important to me."

According to the McDowell News, it was the idea of a town councilman Everette Clark to send a letter of congratulations to Williams shortly after North Carolina won the 2009 national title and also ask for permission to put up the marker.

"In your note, you asked about my permission to allow the city to place an historic marker at some spot coming into Marion," read Williams' letter. "This would be a great honor and I am very flattered, therefore I will give you my permission. My only statement would be I don’t know how this is going to help you and so therefore if you choose not to do that, it will not hurt my feelings."

That last sentence brought a laugh from everyone present at the ceremony.

"You see how humble he is," said Clark.