Ronald Nored wants job with Brad Stevens

Butler guard Ronald Nored will be the veteran on this year's Bulldogs team as the senior gets one final shot at a title after playing in back-to-back national championship games.

On the sideline this summer, he is also taking on a leadership role as the head coach of The Truth, an AAU team he coached last year as well. Nored believes he's found his calling and career in coaching and hopes by now he's already met his future employer.


"My dream job would be to work for (Butler) Coach (Brad) Stevens as long as I can, so if I have the opportunity to do that, that's what I want to do. Yes -- he's very well aware that that’s what I want to do," Nored laughed.

If Nored joins the Bulldog bench staff next year, his coaching style would provide an entertaining contrast to the cool, unflappable Stevens.

"The way we think is similar, but the way we get it across is different. I’m a little more energetic than he is -- he seems to have the cool thing down better than I do," Nored said.

Nored joining Stevens on the sideline would mean adding quite a vocal presence. Watching and listening to Nored coach, one can tell he's very much involved and eager to teach. Perhaps the best compliment he received came from the AAU parent that told WISH-TV of his coaching style, "You can tell this is just an extension of Brad Stevens. I mean, this is Butler basketball."

Nored recently told The Dagger that while he hasn't asked for much coaching advice from Stevens, a lot of what he learns is from playing for the celebrated coach.

One thing we focus on here is winning a possession as opposed to winning the game. We focus on what can we do to win this possession. We take it one possession at a time, and that's kind of the mentality I've taken to my team. When you break it down like that, you're setting yourself up to do some good things later on in the game.