Recruit uses business card to grab attention

Read Dana O'Neil's fine collection of stories from the recruiting trail if you haven't already. It presents a picture of the lighter side of the business and how the amount of effort it takes to land a recruit can lead to pure comedy.

Then imagine the awesome story a college coach might tell about coming across a kid named Zeke Horton from Fort Worth and eventually signing the 2013 prospect. It might be a good one because according to the Los Angeles Times, someone has been leaving "business cards" on the windows of cars parked near the coaches' entrance of a Las Vegas AAU tournament with Horton's face on them to promote Horton's highlight clips on YouTube.

Like handing a mixtape to a music executive, this is either a stroke of genius or super annoying. But considering that Las Vegas is the type of town where you do get bombarded with advertisements, the Horton business card is certainly creative.

Whether or not Horton has ability is for the college coach to decide while watching him play in person, but at a place where thousands of AAU players arrive at one time, many can be lost in anonymity. Zeke Horton apparently doesn't want to end up in that stack. He's now the kid with the YouTube business card.

The YouTube clips are worth checking out as well. A couple clicks, and this gem from 2008 popped up of Horton presenting to the world, "My Dream." If a stylized video that presents Horton as the No. 2 overall pick of the 2014 draft and shaking David Stern's hand in place of Kevin Durant followed by highlights from pickup games doesn't grab you, I'm not sure what will.

Hey, his future college coach can always boast that this is how an unknown like Zeke Horton was uncovered and look like the genius.