Suspended Bruin may still throw party

Let's just say it: Now is not the time for Jerime Anderson to throw a party. When you've been arrested by UCLA campus police for stealing a fellow student's laptop, and your team has suspended you indefinitely (and at least as long as your first game on Nov. 11), it's probably best to save your celebratory gestures for a later, to be determined, date.

That doesn't seem to be Anderson's plan. Instead, Anderson has remained on the Facebook events post for the, ahem, "I LOVE COLLEGE!!! ATHLETES PARTY!" a party (duh) held annually by some of the Los Angeles area's top college athletes. Since its inception, Anderson has been the host of the party -- which now has 315 confirmed guests and about 1,700 invites awaiting reply -- and as fellow party-planner (and Loyola Marymount forward) Edgar Garibay told the L.A. Weekly last week, the Bruins guard is going to be there despite his recent legal trouble:

"Jerime will still be there," he says. "I talked to him yesterday, and there's some [expletive] going on, but he'll be all right."

That stance may have changed in the time since -- L.A. Weekly's post was written on Thursday -- but if it has, Anderson's placement on the Facebook group linked above remains unchanged.

Of course, there's nothing that says Anderson can't go to the party, at least legally. But that doesn't mean it's a good idea. When you're caught by the police with a $1,500 MacBook Pro that doesn't belong to you, it's probably time to lie low. One imagines UCLA coach Ben Howland -- whose statement on the matter might be described as "terse at best" -- agrees.

Update, 9:13 p.m. ET: Per a UCLA spokesman, Anderson has released a statement on his personal Facebook page apologizing to the UCLA community and making clear the he will not be attending this or any other party as he deals with the fallout from the charges. Check back tomorrow morning for more on Anderson's statement.

(Hat tip: Bruins Nation)