Oh right, basketball

WASHINGTON -- Everyone (present company included) has been so preoccupied with the blizzard outside that it's easy to forget about the important little piece of business being conducted here in the newly minted snow belt: namely a key Big East game between Villanova and Georgetown.

For the Big East unbeaten and No. 2 Wildcats, this game begins a brutal stretch to the finish. Five of their final nine games are against ranked opponents and seven are above .500 in the Big East.

Georgetown, meantime, needs to rebound from its stunning upset at the hands of South Florida and prove its a consistently good team -- the Hoyas have gone win-loss-win-loss in their last four games.

The key to this game is likely to be the same as it was the first time these two squared off: our strength vs. yours. Will the Villanova backcourt negate the effectiveness of Greg Monroe or will the Georgetown big man dominate as he did last month? Monroe was a matchup disaster for the Wildcats last game. No one could stop him but when Scottie Reynolds decided to put his team on his back, no one could stop him, either and he proved the difference in Villanova's win.

A side note: Villanova is 1-0 in recent blizzard history. The Wildcats dumped Fordham, 96-58, on Dec. 19 amid a 12-inch snowfall.