BYU feels presence of Brandon Davies

BYU coach Dave Rose told me this afternoon that the status of Brandon Davies remained the same.

The 6-foot-9 forward who was suspended for violating the school's honor code and withdrew from school was spotted today at the Marriott Center playing in a 5-on-5 scrimmage with former players against current team members preparing for a preseason tour of Greece, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. At this point, Davies is unable to travel with the team and has yet to be reinstated.

But it does appear given that Davies is unofficially practicing with the team that he could very well be nearing a return to the Cougars. After losing Jimmer Fredette from a team that went to the Sweet 16, BYU really needs its top rebounder back in the fold.

The suspension Davies served for premarital sex has had a deep impact on the school. According to the Deseret News, the story of the school's handling of the incident has had a positive impact on the football team's recruiting.

"The moment the Brandon Davies thing hit the media, one of our associate athletic directors received a check from a woman who was not a member of the LDS faith, but saw the integrity being upheld and said she wanted to support this," [offensive coordinator Brandon] Doman said. "From that moment on, we've been receiving phone calls from moms and dads saying they wanted us to recruit their son because they want him in that environment. The volume of that hasn't been like that prior to this year."

BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall said that non-LDS athletes from around the country, who share the school's values, are indeed putting the Cougars on their lists of potential destinations.

"With the Brandon Davies story in basketball, it's been interesting to see how well-educated they are (about BYU) already. They are seeking us because of that story. They want those standards for their kids. It's helpful because they're not questioning, asking why (does BYU) have (those standards). They've already identified 'that's how we live, that's how we want our son to be raised.'"