Abdul Gaddy now officially good to go

Yesterday, we briefly touched on Abdul Gaddy's previously tweeted goal of making 18,000 jump shots before the start of practice on Wednesday, Oct. 15. Gaddy had already sank around 8,000 buckets -- and he's probably made more since -- so I sort of assumed that the ACL injury that kept him out of much of the 2011 season was, in fact, healing as planned. It didn't really cross my mind.

A few hours later, it did, and for good reason: Last night, Washington doctors officially proclaimed Gaddy able to return to full basketball drills, beginning immediately. The clearance comes nine months after Gaddy tore his ACL in practice on Jan. 4.

The Associated Press story linked above has one interesting tidbit:

Gaddy says that late in the spring he started to feel as if he was completely back, but doctors didn't sign off on Gaddy going all out on the court until Wednesday.

Gaddy tore his ACL in January. By "late spring" he felt like he could get back on the court. The doctors waited. But still -- if ACL surgeries and treatments continue to progress at this technological rate, there may come a time when we're able to cure ACL injuries in the middle of a game. (Fantasy football owners would love this.) Gaddy tore his ACL and felt fine -- even if it wasn't medically safe for him to play -- four months later. Four months! Even the nine-month clearance window is remarkably shorter than what it used to be. An ACL injury used to be career-threatening. Now it's merely a long-term inconvenience.

Anyway, Gaddy finally can go back to more than shooting drills. But he does still have around 10,000 shots to can over the next five weeks. Maybe his workout won't change much after all.