Oh, hello there

Do we have your undivided attention now?

Last night's Saints Super Bowl win was a major cultural moment. Why? Because of that Google ad, which managed to warm my heart with the power of the Internet? Because of every other man-focused advertisement, which seemed determined to make me hate the idea of dating women? (Dude, your life sure sucks, but at least you can drive a marginally fast car! Manhood!) Because Drew Brees broke through, finally, becoming a bona fide NFL/New Orleans municipal legend and a surefire pop-culture celebrity in the matter of one night? Because Peyton Manning's legacy will have to wait another year? Because of the awesomeness of the Puppy Bowl?

All true. But not exactly the answer I was looking for.

No, last night's Super Bowl means one very, very important thing: It's college hoops season. Officially, and totally. Now is our time. If this were a WNBA commercial from the early aughts, I'd remind you that, yes, it's true: We Got Next.

See, college hoops media types have recently taken to bemoaning the state of the casual college hoops fan -- are they disappearing? What happened to college basketball's ubiquity? College football and the NFL are ruining hoops season! Which maybe we should move to the spring! That sort of thing. Whether the complaints are overblown or not is beside the point; they're there, and if the perception of college hoops is that it's a two-month-a-year indulgence, culminating in the cultural monstrosity that is the NCAA tourney but ignored for the rest of the calendar year, then that perception is probably pretty close to reality.

Which is I thought it was important to stop by this morning, say hello, ask how your Super Bowl hangover is doing, and remind you that college basketball season is already in full swing. We've been here for a while, sure, but we don't judge. Just now figuring out the college hoops season? Just starting to learn the names of Kansas' starting five? (Kansas is No. 1, by the way.) Just hearing about this John Wall fellow, who you hear is quite good at this basketball thing? No worries. Jump on in.

Tonight's actually a perfect night for that -- we've got two monster games in Texas-Kansas and Villanova-West Virginia. How big? Big in the sense that these could very easily be four Final Four teams (even though Texas has faded in the middle of the Big 12 season and Villanova had a rough loss at Georgetown on Saturday). If you were looking for a clean jumping-off point for the hoops season, tonight's your night.

So be sure to check out our archives, cram some weekend information, and prepare your fingers to scan to ESPNU more frequently. College hoops is here, and there's nothing -- certainly no more NFL fun -- to distract you.