North Carolina updates center court design

After hearing complaints about its center court logo appearing to be off-center, North Carolina has reverted back to the traditional version of the design.

Here's a photo of what the school has currently in place at the Smith Center, with the jump circle filled in with blue. Compare that to when the entire circle wasn't painted in, and it appeared as if the logo was off-center when in fact it was in the same place.

In a response to a fan's question about how the paint scheme was changed for last season, Tar Heel Monthly's Adam Lucas wrote in January that decision-makers liked the version that was first experimented with in the practice gym.

"The center jump circle has indeed changed, as the filled-in portion of the jump circle is no longer blue," Lucas wrote. "Many, many emailers have suggested the interlocking "NC" logo has moved. That's not the case. It just looks different because of the lack of blue in the circle. The new design was first tried in the practice gym. After favorable reviews from those involved, it was added to the Smith Center before this season. It's not necessarily a lifetime change. As with most peripheral things -- uniforms, shoes, songs, etc. -- it's likely that the success of the Tar Heels on the court this year will have the biggest impact on fans' opinions on whether they like it.

Now, the optical illusion has been addressed and North Carolina has its usual jump circle paint scheme, according to Tar Heel Monthly.

"Through your emails last year, it became very obvious that Carolina fans were not big supporters of the new center-court paint scheme at the Smith Center, in which the center jump circle was not filled in with blue. Most everyone seemed to think the "NC" logo looked off-center.

"Well, your complaints have been heard. Take a look at the 2011-12 center court paint scheme ... which looks exactly like every year prior to last year."