Sing-off: Buzz vs. Junior Cadougan

A few weeks back, the folks at Marquette sent over this video of Junior Cadougan "performing" -- or, more accurately, unrecognizably screeching while wearing headphones -- the Mariah Carey pop classic "Always Be My Baby." Marquette was recording its videos for the Bradley Center Jumbotron, and Cadougan's brutal version was sure to be a hit.

Now we learn something far more exciting: Cadougan will take on Marquette coach Buzz Williams in a karaoke sing-off at Midnight Madness next weekend. And yes, the news -- via CBS's Jeff Goodman -- comes complete with glorious video.

If you're at work in a cubicle, go ahead and plug in those headphones ... now:

OK, so Williams is bad, but at least you can hear the remnants of a tune somewhere in there. I'm pretty sure there's still no way to tell if Cadougan is singing "Always Be My Baby." Will Williams take the trophy? Or will Cadougan be the big winner?

Whatever happens, I think we can all agree who the losers will be: Marquette fans' eardrums.