Idaho fans encouraged to 'throw the V'

Idaho has unveiled a new hand signal and is urging fans to "throw the V" in order show their Vandals pride.

Just in time for its homecoming football game, the school announced that along with the new alternate 'V' logos that it hopes fans will embrace the use of the hand gesture in a way that is similar to Texas fans long using the Hook 'em Horns sign.

"It ties together really the concepts of value, vigilance, valor, vibrancy, victory, and really Vandals forever," athletic director Rob Spear said at the news conference. "We're going to get it done."

According to The Argonaut, "V Throwing 101" sessions have already been held with alumni and that director of marketing and licensing Nick Popplewell said the hand signal has already been an instant success.

"It's so simple, I don't know why somebody didn't think of it before," he said. "You look at Texas with the 'Hook 'em horns' as well as Arizona State with the pitchforks and our students are so creative. You have to think about what it means to us as Vandals and what it signifies."

Popplewell said the "V" is a celebratory gesture that doubles to unify fans.

On the basketball court, Idaho should have plenty of chances to "throw the V." The Vandals finished third in the WAC, won 18 games and played in the CIT during coach Don Verlin's most successful season. Now the program has some momentum built up and a new way to brand itself.

"This is about Vandals connecting with other Vandals, showing their pride and building a tradition," Spear said in a statement. "We are the only Vandals in the nation and our pride in who we are and what we represent is unsurpassed. That’s what the 'V' symbolizes: as an institution we are unrivaled in the impact we have on our great state of Idaho and beyond. Our students come here to lead and succeed."