UNC, Marquette get new jersey graphics

North Carolina and Marquette are among the Nike schools this season that are getting those eye-catching graphics on the back of their redesigned jerseys this season.

The Tar Heels today announced that their new design features graphics on the back that include an image of the Old Well campus landmark, the outline of the state of North Carolina, and a basketball. Can you make it out in the design?

The Golden Eagles last month had tweeted out a photo of their alternate jersey, featuring graphics on the back as well, according to the Marquette Tribune.

Marquette's uniform features Marquette Hall at the top, with a famous bust of Al McGuire below it. Under that is a circle that supposedly represents a basketball with the "MU" logo on it, followed by the year the university was founded (1881) and finally the Jesuit motto, "Cura personalis."

At first I thought the design was well thought out but poorly executed. The features on their own were fine but stacked on top of each other they looked way too vertical.

But having been lucky enough to see them in person, I have been converted. Start saving up. These puppies are classic.

North Carolina and Marquette, which has long been a trendsetter when it comes to unique jerseys, join schools such as Duke, Kentucky and Syracuse as those that have had graphics incorporated onto the backs of their jerseys. The graphics continue to be a way to differentiate programs and serve a reminder that each of them has its own story to tell.

Can newly designed jerseys be over-the-top unnecessary at times? Certainly, but if a redesign brings attention to a program and separates it from the others, then a little bit of change might win out over tradition.