UNC jerseys get the hologram treatment

Duke fans would probably disagree, and I'm sure NC State fans can't stand the colors, but any objective observer has to admit the Tar Heels' uniforms have always been top of the class.

Why? More than anything -- the colors or the argyle design or the popularity inherent in the association with Michael Jordan -- it's because the UNC's uniforms are classic. They don't change, at least not in major ways. When they do, the die-hards tend to get upset.

In other words, it's no surprise the new version of UNC's jerseys have not gone over well. On Wednesday, UNC unveiled its 2011-12 uniforms, which are basically the same old unis with a custom hologram on the back, similar to the designs Nike has used at Duke, Texas, Michigan State and other members of its Nike Elite line. (You can see a photo here.) The holograms feature landmarks unique to the schools, but the designs have always been hit or miss with fans, even those used to constantly updated iterations. (It feels like Texas gets a new short design every season.)

For whatever reason, the change feels slightly more drastic on the UNC uniforms -- like the hologram was added on as an afterthought. In a photo, it feels borderline distracting. On TV, it will be a different story. Still, as The Dagger's Jeff Eisenberg discovered upon his search for a crowd consensus, the jerseys already seem to be causing some minor backlash.

One assumes that backlash won't be anything like what happened when North Carolina dropped the words "North Carolina" from the front of its jerseys. After all, this is more of a tweak. But you know the old saying: If it ain't broke, don't slap a hologram on it. Something like that, anyway.