URI giveaway honors mustachioed coach

It wasn't a particularly good offseason for the college basketball mustache, as at least two coaches ditched their longtime facial hair in favor of the clean-shaven look.

But then there is Rhode Island, which today announced that it is immortalizing the mustache of coach Jim Baron by giving away the Jim Baron Bobble 'Stache to season-ticket holders and students who show up for the Dec. 23 game against Providence.

Take a look at Baron in real life and the mustache in bobblehead form to see if the resemblance is there.

The celebration of Baron's style comes as fellow A-10 coach Fran Dunphy shaved off his own mustache during a news conference earlier this month to make good on a promise he made to former player Dionte Christmas for graduating from Temple.

"The bigger story of me shaving this mustache is that this young man graduated from Temple University and I'm really proud of that," Dunphy said.

For Old Dominion coach Blaine Taylor, his 'stache went away in June, leaving him nearly unrecognizable to our Andy Katz.

"He was standing to the side of our TV set, and I wasn't the only one who had no idea who he was until you could read ODU on his golf shirt," Katz wrote.

So kudos to Rhode Island for honoring the Baron mustache, one of the last of a dying breed, since the slick salesmen in the industry no longer prefer the look.

Yes, there are still awesome mustaches out there. Idaho coach Don Verlin and ironically named William & Mary coach Tony Shaver are right there with Baron.

We have Rhode Island to thank for standing tall with them.