Another list of all-name team players

Yesterday, I passed along one of the better annual college basketball blog traditions: The All-Name team. The first came from Ballin' Is A Habit, which went above and beyond the usual first, second and third team approach, providing more awesome college hoops names than any reader has any right to expect. It was fantastic.

But there is more than one All-Name team out there, and Storming the Floor's Eric Angevine is an old hand at this game. Traditionally, Angevine and his colleagues at STF have put together a standard list. This year, he took things in a different direction. Angevine scoured every Division I roster and found a player on each team -- beginning with teams from power-six conferences today -- worthy of at least some all-name consideration.

Typically, the best names seem to come from the smaller, more obscure Division I schools. But there are some worthy candidates in this list, too. In other words: Let no quirky college basketball name go unnoticed.