DePaul offers eighth-grader, attracts Craig Robinson?

Tracy Webster might just be the interim head coach at DePaul, but he's recruiting like he wants to be there long-term.

A scholarship offer has gone out to 14-year-old eighth-grader Jahlil Okafor, according to ESPN Chicago. The bloodlines are there, with 6-foot-7 Jahlil being Emeka Okafor's distant cousin.

Meanwhile, Oregon State coach Craig Robinson, who has Chicago ties, is denying a report that a representative of his approached DePaul about the job opening after Jerry Wainwright was fired.

The Oregonian has Robinson's agent, Rick Giles, denying contact and also this from President Obama's brother-in-law:

After what Robinson said was a decent practice considering, he laughed at the notion that one of "his people'' would have contacted DePaul.

"Who are 'my people?' chuckled Robinson. "Is is Kelly? (his wife), is it Rick?, is it my mom? ... I'm not large enough to have 'people' yet but I'm sure there are folks who think that I do.''


He isn't sure OSU's performance this season screams out, "hot coaching property.''

"All you have to do is look at the record here (10-13 overall, 4-7 Pac-10). ... I'm not going to be going anywhere,'' he said.

Oregon State, by the way, shot 24.6 percent from field in a loss to Arizona State last night.