John Calipari hints at negative recruiting

Kentucky coach John Calipari has released a "National Signing Day" message on his website, and it appears he's calling out the negative recruiting against Kentucky.

"Before we get to National Signing Day, and as players wind down their decision process, I would hope everyone -- players and fans -- understand that if you start hearing outlandish things, understand it’s out of desperation," Calipari wrote. "Some of the stuff I've heard thrown out there during this recruiting process is ridiculous and crazy.

"Desperate people will do and say desperate things. I want everyone to understand that we’re not desperate at Kentucky. We’re not talking about other programs.

"If someone asks me about another school or another coach, it's going to be nothing but positive because we don’t concern ourselves with other programs. What these kids see when they visit here is exactly what they get when they come to play basketball and study at the University of Kentucky."

When asked about the comments, Calipari remained cryptic, according to the Kentucky Kernel.

"Let me say this: When you throw a rock in a pack of dogs, the one you hit yelps like heck. Let the message stand. We don’t talk about anybody. We don’t promise starting positions, minutes, all that stuff. You won’t be the only guy. That’s how we recruit. My message was, this is how we recruit. We’re not desperate. This is what we do."

Clearly Calipari hasn't been happy with whatever he heard others saying about his program and felt the need to respond. Calipari likes to call Kentucky a "player-first" program where recruits can feel like Calipari will support them as individuals. But recruiting success along the way has presented a challenge to other programs to keep up with Calipari's pace.

So don't throw rocks at Kentucky, Calipari warns. He knows the negativity is out there and apparently isn't going to sit there and take it.