USU fans form BYU welcoming committee

About an hour ago, I mentioned Utah State's rabid fan base as one of the reasons you should have ESPN3 dialed in when BYU takes on the Aggies at the Spectrum Friday night. Guess what? It took about five minutes to find -- hat tip to Ballin' Is A Habit -- a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

Not only did the infamous "Wild" Bill Sproat help lead an "Occupy The Spectrum" movement for tickets to Friday night's game. When BYU arrived on campus Thursday night, they were greeted by a well-organized and entirely unfriendly welcoming committee. To wit:

Maybe if it wasn't dark outside, it wouldn't feel so sinister. If I'm a BYU player, I'm slightly intimidated getting off that bus. I'm slightly intimidated doing much of anything in that arena, frankly. I'm not intimidated by Wild Bill. That's more of a distraction. But in tandem, look out. Tonight's Spectrum atmosphere could be one for the ages.