Coach K quips away Nets rumors

Nets fans who thought they had even a small chance at luring Mike Krzyzewski away from his kingdom at Duke were no doubt fooling themselves -- why, with the possible exception of ambition, would Coach K leave his guaranteed lifetime domain to work for the worst franchise in the NBA (which happens to be run by an enigmatic Russian billionaire)?? The short answer: He wouldn't.

After Duke finished off Maryland, Coach K went ahead and said as much himself:

"The guy's Russian, right? You think he'd hire a Polish guy?" Krzyzewski quipped. Then, he added with a laugh: "No one's contacted me, and if they do, I think 'nyet' would be easy for me to say."

Ah yes: Duke fans can rest easy. The rest of us can laugh. Win-win. (Except for the Nets. They never win. Ha!)