UNC-MSU: Halftime thoughts

SAN DIEGO – After falling behind early, top-ranked North Carolina leads Michigan State 36-25 at halftime of the Carrier Classic. Three quick thoughts:

  1. Everyone talked about the possible problems of wind conditions and depth perception when playing on an aircraft carrier. But the bigger issue thus far: a slick court. MSU’s Branden Dawson took a rough slide and had to be helped to the bench early on (he later returned), and towel guys have been rubbing at that spot during timeouts since. There have been other slips, thanks to chilly weather and condensation. Perhaps they should have considered playing on asphalt?

  2. Senior forward Tyler Zeller hasn’t shot particularly well (1-for-5), but he’s helped make up for it by taking three charges. He -- and the rest of the Tar Heels -- need to hit the boards harder, though. They're being outrebounded 27-17.

  3. UNC coach Roy Williams hasn’t shown any huge signs of the vertigo from which he started suffering yesterday. He might be moving a bit more slowly, but it hasn’t stopped him from popping up, yelling and instructing, when necessary.