Steve Fisher: Aztecs best in the West

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher not only believes his team should be ranked, but also made a bolder statement that shows just how far the Aztecs think they've come after winning their first NCAA tournament games in March.

"I will say this, and this will sound egotistical, I think we're the best program on the West Coast," Fisher told reporters Tuesday. "So I don't know what that means for major, mid-major, high-major, low-major or no-major, but I think we're the best program on the West Coast. If you walk into our building, we have an atmosphere that a lot of the Pac-12 schools would cry to have, with the crowds that we've got and the success that we've had."

Why the confidence? This season, 8-2 San Diego State has quality wins against Arizona, Cal, Long Beach State and UC Santa Barbara even after losing four starters off its Sweet 16 team. The Aztecs' two losses came against currently ranked teams in Baylor and Creighton. Still, San Diego State has been denied a spot in the polls. In fact, the Cal team that the Aztecs defeated at home on Sunday received more votes than they did from the coaches.

"I truly don't look at it, but when everyone starts talking about it I look at it," Fisher said. "And I'm like a fan now, when I'm a fan I'm saying I think we're better than half the teams that are rated. I made that statement yesterday, when we play a rated team they'll probably play that. Would we like to be rated? Yeah. Are we rated? No. If we win tomorrow [against San Diego] will be rated next Monday? I don't know. I do know if we keep winning, then eventually we will be rated. We've beaten some pretty good teams. Does it have a body of work to merit us being rated? Probably. Truly we haven't gotten caught up in it. I haven't mentioned it one time in the locker room about we're not rated, here's what we have to do to get rated."