How excited were Indiana fans? This excited

When your once-elite program is down as long as Indiana has been down -- unranked for 1,372 days, the longest stretch in school history, with win totals of six, 10 and 12 games per season in each of the past three years -- and you upset the No. 1 team in the country in your own building, naturally, you, the fan, is going to be excited.

Describing just how excited Indiana fans were after Saturday's win is, well, difficult. "Ecstatic" gets close. "Exuberant" is right there. But neither word, and none of their synonyms, can capture quite what the win touched off in Bloomington, Ind. Saturday night. For that, we go to the wonder of social media and homemade video. The first comes from inside Nick's, a classic college bar in Bloomington, where YouTube user Tarun Gangwani had the foresight to get his camera-phone rolling just before Indiana forward Christian Watford hit the game-winning three.

The next comes from just outside Nick's -- you'll see the marquee in the video -- on Kirkwood Street in Bloomington, a batch of downtown bars and restaurants located just off Indiana's campus. Forget partying in the bars. Indiana students were on some next-level outdoor love-in swagger Saturday night:

The Indiana Daily Student was on the scene, and its photo slideshow is well worth a gander. See? Dana was right.* That's what catharsis looks like. It is, in so many ways, what makes college basketball great.

Indiana students have been waiting a long time for something to celebrate (besides, you know, a home win over Illinois). On Saturday night, finally, they got it. And they certainly held up their end of the bargain.

(*By the way, if you missed Dana O'Neil's column from Bloomington Saturday, go back and read it now. It was, per the usual, amazing.)