Ashley Judd's message for Terrence Jones

Terrence Jones did not have a good game at IU Saturday. (We've been over this before.) Jones was passive. He looked apathetic. He didn't defend well. He didn't rebound. He committed six turnovers. For a player of Jones' abilities and consistent production, it was a baffling performance, one that led ESPN's broadcast team of Dan Schulman and Dick Vitale to spend much of the second half wondering aloud whether Jones was not feeling well, maybe just having a bad day. We were all confused.

Kentucky coach John Calipari acknowledged Jones' poor effort (calling Jones' game "a zero") but dismissed it in simple fashion: "These guys are not machines, guys. They're not computers. They have bad games. You move on." That was an entirely fair response, right? Guys have bad games. No big deal. Move on. Chances are, Jones will dominate in Saturday's rebound game against Chattanooga, and he'll play well pretty much every time Kentucky takes the floor the rest of this season. He's good. He'll be fine.

But just in case Jones needed a little extra love and affection, a little nudge in an encouraging direction, Kentucky's most famous fan -- Ashley Judd -- was there on Monday to provide it. How? Why, via Twitter, of course!


It feels like there should be a joke or two in here, but I can't bring myself to do it. That's actually pretty good advice! Bookmark those tweets, and anytime you're having a rather down day, just remember to be yourself and trust the process. As mantras go, I suppose we could do worse.

In any case, if words of encouragement from Judd herself aren't enough to get Jones out of whatever funk he was in at Indiana, nothing will. And if all goes as planned, and Jones does bounce back against the Mocs Saturday, maybe Judd can send some similar words to the Chattanooga folks, too. After a trip to Rupp Arena, they're probably going to need it.

(This is a couple of days old now, but you'll have to forgive me -- it's Ashley Judd tweeting at Terrence Jones. I missed it at first, but I couldn't just ignore it. Hat tip(s): Beyond the Arc, Kentucky Sports Radio.)