Ducks won't miss Mac Court bathroom

Oregon coach Ernie Kent last week on the Pac-10 coaches teleconference was asked about the problems of operating out of Mac Court, which for all its charm and history, is an old building.

Kent spoke of not having practice courts available and having to share the facility with the women's team, volleyball and wrestling.

After a loss at home to Stanford dropped the last-place Ducks to 12-13, Kent launched into a defense of the program and also had this to say to The Oregonian:

There’s a beautiful building that’s going up, but just keep in mind, we’re in our 14th year, and the beautiful building is going up. For the 13 previous years, we’ve been here. All you got to do is walk down to that locker room and see where my big guys can’t fit in a bathroom stall right now and understand what we’ve done here is quite amazing.

Kent, of course, is hoping to avoid losing his job so he can see the program play at the grand opening of Matthew Knight Arena, which the locals are already calling Matt Court.

The stalls in there I'm guessing will be roomier with the toilets swooshing just fine.