Bryant aided by ill-fated half-court shot

Reporting from Bryant's first win of the season, Will Leitch of New York Magazine has the story on the unfortunate play that set up the Bulldogs' game-winning possession.

Wagner freshman Josh Thompson has the ball with time winding down and launches a shot from the opposite three-point line that hits the rafters. The only problem, according to New York Magazine:

At this point there are six seconds left, plenty of time to streak downcourt for a last-second shot, but Thompson, perhaps dazed from his fall, thinks the shot-clock is the game clock.

The desperation heave left a whopping 4.1 seconds on the clock and plenty of time for Bryant's Raphael Jordan to drive in and draw a foul that would lead to his game-winning free throws.

"I guess (Thompson) didn’t realize how much time was left," Bryant coach Tim O’Shea told the Providence Journal.

The Bulldogs, of course, will take the win any way they can get it.