3-point shot: Lavin gets credit for Ws

1. Scheduling the Pac-12/Big Ten agreement in men’s basketball will be tricky. The two leagues will do this on their own, without television directing the matchups. But the two leagues will have to dance around possible scenarios in a number of tournaments like the Maui Invitational. The obvious thing to do is to attempt to pit teams against each other based on projected strength (for example Ohio State vs. Cal this season would have made sense if scheduled last year).

2. The conference RPI rankings through Tuesday went like this: 1. Big Ten; 2. Big 12; 3. Big East; 4. ACC; 5. SEC; 6. MWC; 7. A-10; 8. MVC; 9. CUSA; 10. Pac-12. But the NCAA tournament men’s basketball selection committee doesn’t use conference power ratings anymore. Of course, the number of highly-ranked power teams in a particular conference will always help another team’s RPI on its individual schedule sheet. But don’t read into the rankings equating how many teams a league will get into the Dance. Teams are judged on their own merit.

3. Steve Lavin is 1-0 in the Big East and 7-5 this season overall, even though Lavin has coached in only four games due to his ongoing recovery from prostate cancer surgery. St. John’s spokesperson Mark Fratto said the NCAA and Big East instructed the Red Storm to put all wins and losses on Lavin’s record while he continues his recovery instead of assistant Mike Dunlap, who is taking over for Lavin in his absence.