DePaul fan refuses to go home

The Louisville Courier-Journal's Rick Bozich was on hand for Louisville's 68-59 win over DePaul in Rosemont, Ill., today. Louisville continued its recent hot streak with the win, but according to Bozich, it seems the best -- or, rather, the most determined -- performance of the afternoon was not on the court. Instead, it was in the stands.

As Rick tweeted during the game:

Foul-mouthed DePaul student just got booted from spot near Louisville bench by request of officials 75 seconds into game.

Seventy-five seconds into the game -- this is very impressive in and of itself. But it didn't end there:

Mr obnoxious fan returned and taunted official Ed Corbett. Mistake. He just got the ziggy.

And then, just a few minutes later:

Mr. Obnoxious back -- again. Dude has burned three of his nine lives with vocal chords intact. happy I brought ear buds.

So many questions. Did DePaul's security not keep some sort of mental picture of the guy they threw out? And when he came back in the game a second time, they didn't take a special note? And just how loud and obnoxious does one fan have to be to draw the attention of the referees within the first minute of a game? And why keep coming back, if you know you're probably just going to get thrown out again? What level of embarrassment do you have to withstand in the name of DePaul basketball?

So many questions. So few answers. Wherever you are, Mr. Obnoxious DePaul Fan, I salute you. Now sit down, and shut up.

(Hat tip: SBoisNation)