Huggins prefers sleep to scouting Syracuse

Why? Because the man needs his sleep, and if you're an opposing coach in the Big East, Syracuse is the kind of team that keeps you up at night.

HugginsHugginsWhich is essentially what West Virginia coach Bob Huggins said on the Big East conference call this week, via Adam Zagoria:

“I haven’t watched Syracuse yet, for obvious reasons,” West Virginia coach Bob Huggins cracked on Thursday’s Big East conference call. “I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is.”

I think we can go ahead and assume Huggy Bear is fudging the truth just a bit here; it's impossible to imagine he hasn't at least snuck a glance at the buzzsaw that is the Syracuse Orange so far this season. A casual glimpse, perhaps. A few highlights on ESPN. Or, more likely, at least one intensive tape session. Huggins does not strike one as the kind of coach who would prefer to do his best ostrich routine rather than gain some knowledge of one of the main threats to his own team's sustained Big East success. It just doesn't seem very likely.

Still, I suppose it's not entirely implausible. After all, Huggins has plenty of other things to worry about, including the continued improvement of his own team, which has looked better and better as the season has progressed, and which most recently beat Georgetown by 12 and gave Connecticut a serious run on the road. The good news for Huggins: He has plenty of time to prepare for Jim Boeheim's incredibly deep, talented team; WVU doesn't face Syracuse until the end of the month, on Jan. 28.

The other good news? That's the only time WVU will play Syracuse in the regular season in 2012. Perhaps that can aid Huggy's sleep deprivation. It certainly can't hurt.