SDSU's 'Aztec Motto' shockingly good

Let's be real: I don't expect much from my college basketball players turned rappers. Usually, bars and verses are best left to the guys who spend all their time thinking of bars and verses, and shots and assists are best left to the guys who spent all their time shooting and practicing the game of basketball.

Here and there, though, the respective talents do crossover. The best example in college hoops has long been Tennessee's Renaldo Woolridge, who has occasionally carved time out from his busy hoops career to drop beats and lyrics under the pseudonym "Swiperboy." Now, thanks to San Diego State forward Tim Shelton, we may have a new college hoops king sitting atop the throne. Why? Because Shelton's "Aztec Motto" -- featuring a beat from Drake's "Take Care" and copious involvement from SDSU's student section, "The Show" -- is legitimately, unironically good. To wit:

There are some really good lines in there. My favorite might be "ice bags on my knees so I'm so cool." Somewhere, Patrick Ewing is like, "I've been saying the iced knees is a good look since the mid-90s! Come on!" Who knew Ewing was so far ahead of his time?

In any case, SDSU prefaced Saturday's win over UNLV with this video, and if that doesn't get your already-rowdy crowd near their boiling point, nothing will. Good stuff.