Huggins has a radical idea

Hey mid-majors, West Virginia coach Bob Huggins has an idea for you. How about some of you dropping down to a subdivision -- like in football? Then we can have multiple NCAA tournaments in March and expansion with a tournament that includes only the schools that actually are committed to basketball.

The Dominion Post has these comments from Huggins:

"We should have like they have it in football," Huggins said. "We should have I-A and I-AA. Then schools would have to make a commitment whether they really want to have a basketball program or not.

"That's what they have to do in football. You have to make a commitment to have a football program. It's attendance and facilities and so forth. If we did that, instead of having 347 teams, we'd maybe have 110 or 150.

"It makes it so much more manageable, but you could still play those people like football does, but they just can't be in your tournament."

Huggins said he would then favor letting all of those 100 or so teams into the NCAA tournament.

"I would," he said. "That would make a heck of a tournament."

The reasoning for this madness? So schools can make more money that the NCAA is currently "stealing" and "robbing them" of.