Binghamton running out of assistants

By now, everyone's likely heard of Binghamton's scandalous offseason troubles. The school that sold its academic reputation for an NCAA tournament appearance placed coach Kevin Broadus on indefinite administrative leave, kicked almost everyone of note off the team, and was forced to have open on-campus tryouts in the offseason in the hopes of filling out the team before the 2009-10 got underway. (And then even those tryouts were against the rules. No, in case you're wondering, it was not a very good summer in Binghamton, N.Y.)

To their credit, the undermanned Bearcats have made a go of it this season. Interim coach Mark Macon has seven scholarship players, but Binghamton isn't at risk of going winless, which seemed like a logical conclusion given the offseason turmoil.

It would be nice if Macon could keep his assistant coaches around, though. Assistant coach Mark Hsu was placed on administrative leave -- effective Feb. 12, but officially announced Sunday -- after being implicated in violations in a SUNY report on Feb. 11. Among them: "Hsu allegedly provided former player Malik Alvin money for gas and food -- an NCAA violation -- and completed course work for several players on the team." These things, as you know, are not allowed.

The move leaves Binghamton with just Macon and assistant Don Anderson as the only two coaches left on Binghamton's bench. The Bearcats now have two coaches, seven scholarship players, and very little hope. Then again, maybe this is the nadir. That's one way of looking at it: What else could go possibly wrong?