King's Court: Enjoy the conference races

The way the pundits saw it, the races were over before they began.

North Carolina would win the ACC with ease, just like Ohio State in the Big Ten and Syracuse in the Big East. The only intrigue in each league would involve the quest for second place.

Not so fast.

Florida State has shaken up the ACC race with victories over the Tar Heels and Duke, the latter of which occurred on the road.

Ohio State has already dropped a pair of Big Ten games and, with a 5-2 league record, is tied with Michigan State and Michigan for first place. Wisconsin (5-3) has won four straight and isn't far behind. ...

Bottom line: Instead of looking too far ahead to the NCAA tournament, we should relish the conference races that will play out in the coming weeks. In some cases, winning a league title is even more difficult than succeeding in the postseason.

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