Bottom 10: Reach for the stars

Watch the stars, fellas. Keep dreaming the impossible dream. That's the best advice the Bottom 10 can offer in any week, but it seems especially appropriate this time around. This week's Bottom 10 is highlighted by terrible, horrible, no good, very bad offense. Some of it came from traditional powers. Some of it came from the nation's minnows. In any case, one imagines the performances on display had the relevant parties feeling frustrated and dejected -- as if the whole wide world was against them.

Of course, as we know from prior editions of the Bottom 10, it was not. No, the college hoops universe is a cold, unfeeling place, indifferent to the dreams of the afflicted. Sometimes you're Missouri and you play really well at Baylor and everybody loves you and life is good. But sometimes, no matter how you try, the stars simply don't align. Sometimes, if you're something called Toccoa Falls, you lose by 102 points. Sometimes, if you're Pittsburgh, you start the Big East season 0-7. And sometimes, if you're poor Towson, you lose 40 games in a row.