The Internet is awesome, Vol. 2,409

It's burning up the Twitter tubes. It's the greatest thing on the Internet since Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat. It's ... drum roll please ... the NCAA Vault! Ta da!

What, pray tell, is the NCAA Vault? Before a couple hours ago, I didn't know. Turns out it's a video site hosted by the NCAA featuring every Sweet 16-and-deeper game from the NCAA tournament since 2000. Indiana-Duke 2002? There. Kansas-Memphis 2008? Boom. UConn-Washington 2006? Pow. Everything Stephen Curry did, ever? Oh yeah. It's simultaneously the best thing in the world for your general sense of happiness and the worst thing in the world for your general level of productivity. In other words, it's the Internet, and it is awesome.

Anyway, why are you still here? You've got games to watch! Go on, have fun, you crazy kids. And try to turn the computer off before midnight, OK?