Scott Wood did not enjoy losing to UNC

Since he's been a member of the NC State Wolfpack, sharpshooting junior guard Scott Wood -- who is still perfect from the free throw line this season, by the way -- has never experienced a win over NC State's sworn blood rival, the North Carolina Tar Heels. Nothing about that situation changed Thursday night. North Carolina, led by a 21-point, 17-board performance from center Tyler Zeller, pretty much rolled from start to finish.

Naturally, this state of affairs has to be frustrating -- frustrating for NC State's fans, frustrating for NC State's staff, frustrating for for NC State's players. Sure, the Wolfpack are rebuilding under first-year coach Mark Gottfried, and sure, a win in the Dean Dome was always unlikely. But that doesn't make losing to your rival any more palatable.

After the game, Wood was asked a rather standard question by a reporter about how frustrating it is to have never beaten the Tar Heels. His response? Gold. Pure, honest, incredibly awkward gold. And yes, there is video, via this link to WRAL Sports:

Wood, a local media favorite for his honest answers, gave his most vivid response to date. “I don’t know,” he said. “Has your wife ever cheated on you?” [...]

“That’s probably how frustrating it is,” Wood finished answering after four agonizing seconds of silence.

Painfully, brutally awkward. And also hilarious. And also sort of sad. Hopefully, the reporter who asked that question hasn't actually experienced the pain of an unfaithful spouse. Because that would have been really awkward.