Cornell finds a way to pass the time

In an age when Rick Majerus finds flying commercial to be the ultimate in inconvenience, college basketball teams don't spend too much time rolling around on buses anymore. They certainly don't take too many seven-hour bus trips. Most journeys that long would take place aboard chartered jets, with caviar, champagne, and Beatz by Dre. (OK, so maybe not the first two.)

Not in the Ivy League, and not at Cornell. The Big Red had a seven-hour bus trip back from their wins at Dartmouth and Harvard this weekend. How did the victors pass the time? Duh, you guys! With truth or dare! Ugh, Mom, GET OUT OF MY ROOM I HAVE FRIENDS OVER:

Like a bunch of teenage girls at a slumber party, we began to play Truth or Dare on Jeff Foote’s iPhone. [...] Truths were revealing, as always, but the Dares proved to be the most entertaining.

Geoff Reeves was picked on early and often: he was dared to simultaneously wear an article of clothing from each participating player until his next turn, then one turn later was required to give himself a toothpaste mustache. I was dared to let a blindfolded Ryan Wittman draw a highlighter mustache on my face. He didn’t do a terrible job either. (The color was green, if you were curious.) The game got old pretty fast, however, and the bus ride sailed along smoothly until we literally hit a bump in the road.

Truth or dare managed to get boring, so the players decided to build a fort with bed sheets -- no boys allowed, and that means you too, Dad, gosh -- and watched "Scream" and "Scream 2" because those movies are, like, totes the scariest. LOL. Then they stayed up way past their bedtime and talked about boys at school. OMG you guys. Best. Slumber party. Ever.

OK, not really; Cornell's bus driver encountered a family of deer, one of which found its run-in with a large charter bus to be fatal. Then Cornell went home, having built its record to 23-4 and retained its commanding lead in the race for the Ivy League regular season crown. Truth or dare? Truth: The Big Red are looking pretty good.