UNC shops already thinking football

North Carolina managed to top a fading Wake Forest team today, which is a nice little win, but it's no secret the Tar Heels struggled throughout their 2009-10 campaign. Roy Williams is disappointed, UNC's typically devoted fans are embracing apathy, and at 14-14, pretty much everybody is looking forward to what should be a bounce back year in 2010-11.

Still, none of the above hammers home just how disappointing this UNC team is quite like this photo from Research Triangle blog friend and podcast host Dave Warner, who captured an image of UNC's team shops selling -- brace yourselves -- football gear. There are still basketball threads in the building, but Warner reports the football shirts are already on the front and center table.

Yes, you read that right. UNC football shirts. Being featured. In Chapel Hill. On Feb. 26. (It's so shocking. I have to. Write. In fragments. For emphasis.) You know things are bad when a Chapel Hill business decides its best chance of making money from the resale of cotton shirts is to stamp "football" on the front. Yikes.

(Hat tip: Buster Sports)