O'Neil: Haith fits right in with the Tigers

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Alan White would like to make a small clarification to the Frank Haith story.

The former Elon athletic director, realizing his student was in a financial pinch, did in fact give Haith some living space inside the university's gymnasium.

It was not, however, a janitor's closet.

"It was actually an old ticket booth," White said.

And we thought this was an outhouse-to-the-penthouse story.

Plenty of head coaches can spin a tale about the old days, of long hours cramped in bad cars with worse food, traversing the country in search of players and, with a little luck, a better job, nicer car and healthier diet.

For all the glitter that surrounds the man in charge once he gets to the top, basketball lifers rarely dine from the silver spoon of ease menu. Haith's hardscrabble tale goes even a little deeper into the scrabble, from humble beginnings to an unwelcome party at Missouri, the coach has been counted out more than he's been counted in.

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