John Wall dance spreads to Tennessee

John Wall has said that the version of the John Wall dance that he found especially funny was the one where the guy does it in celebration after apparently killing a deer.

Just a guess, but the version done by Tennessee's Scotty Hopson, captured by a Lexington Herald-Ledger photograph, probably won't go over as well after the Kentucky native's big shot lifted the Volunteers to Saturday's upset win.

Hopson danced on the court and then danced some more in the locker room, according to our Pat Forde:

With Tennessee clinging to a two-point lead, Hopson flashed to the perimeter off a Williams screen and cashed a 3 over late-closing DeMarcus Cousins with 38 seconds remaining. The Hopkinsville, Ky., product low-keyed the moment to the media postgame, but teammates goaded him into a celebratory John Wall dance in the Tennessee locker room.