Alford apologized for exchanging words

Alford Explains Postgame Actions (2:15)

Steve Alford on New Mexico's big win over BYU and his exchange with Jonathan Tavernari (2:15)

New Mexico coach Steve Alford said today that he has apologized for a verbal confrontation with BYU forward Jonathan Tavernari and spoken to BYU coach Dave Rose about it.

"I apologized for my end of things that I had to be involved with," Alford said. "It was the heat of the moment, and we’re fierce competitors.

"It was unfortunate. It happens in a competitive nature. I don’t think there’s any harm done."

Video of the incident in the handshake line was reviewed by conference officials, according to the Deseret News, but Alford said neither he nor Tavernari deserved to be reprimanded.

Alford said he was trying to congratulate Tavernari, but that the senior did not want to hear it and that neither side had yet cooled down after New Mexico's win. The video of Tavernari apologizing to Alford shows the two smiling and appearing to make nice.

"Nobody wants to lose on Senior Day," Alford said.

Alford eventually spoke to Rose as well.

“He just thought it was a situation where they’re both fine and something that probably shouldn’t have happened," Rose said. "I didn’t see what happened."